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When a website offers information on the market trends on an area that you are considering purchasing real estate in, be sure that you consider all the factors.

In Sublette County, Wyoming, the area that I specialize in, there are many variables that affect the market trends.

The towns are very small and are home to many part-time residents and seasonal housing businesses. Many people buy summer homes in the Pinedale, Boulder, Daniel and Bondurant areas. Because of this, the market analysis, when compared to national averages, could be dramatically skewed.

For instance, my website takes statistics from national resources and automatically uploads them so that they always reflect the most updated 'national' information.

The following is the information that is currently listed in 'market insider' about the small town, Bondurant.

BONDURANT (82922) has a high % of unoccupied properties. It is 20.89% more than the national average. This can drive sales prices down.

The percent of owner-occupied properties in BONDURANT (82922) is 17.31% below the national average.

Someone who looks at this might think that Bondurant may not be a good place to invest in real estate which would be far from the truth.

Bondurant is a gorgeous, sleepy town that is within 45 minutes to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It is home to spectacular wildlife, historic ranching operations, summer hiking trails, horseback riding, fall hunting and winter snowmobiling. It is not a town that would be considered a 'national average'.

The best way to find out what the true statistics are in a town that you are interested in, is to contact an experienced realtor that can give you a true market analysis that is based on knowledge and experience rather than just national averages.