Am I Asking Too Many Questions??

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Real Estate

The other day I was sitting in my office talking with a prospective buyer. She was asking me a lot of questions about, well, everything.

She wanted to know about lenders and lending, the market, the contracts, the details of a purchase, about qualifying and about a lot of other things too.

Mid-conversation, her demeanor changed. She said 'I'm sorry to ask you so many questions'.

I said 'Don't be silly! Buying a home or selling a home is a complicated process! I want you to ask me however many questions you can think of. And not just today....but during the entire time that we're working together!'. 

As a new buyer or even a seasoned buyer you will have a lot of questions. This is a huge financial decision for you and one not to be taken lightly.

When you are interviewing and deciding who you want to use as your realtor, be sure that you are able to comfortably communicate with that person. Make sure that they are willing to spend the time with you and answer your questions thoroughly. And that they will explain the step-by-step process with you so that you know exactly where you are on the purchase/ contract time-line. 

Beware of the agent that makes you feel rushed, or is inconvenienced by your questions.

I have been helping real estate buyers and sellers here in Wyoming for over 30 years. I have sold commercial properties, ranches, condos, lots in town and single family homes. I have a huge base of resources to go to if we have an unusual situation to figure out. I am passionate about my business.

And I would love to answer all of your questions.